About The Project
& the team behind it

Faith in Isolation

As we journey towards Easter this year, this season of Lent now clearly coincides with circumstances never experienced by this generation. The world is gripped with fear and uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. While governments, institutions, and organisations react to this unprecedented and seemingly uncontrollable crisis, our populations are being forced into isolation, separated from friends and family.

As Catholics, our experience of isolation extends even deeper; into our faith life. In line with governmental precautions, many people are unable to attend Holy Mass and some areas of the world are unable to have any public Masses. This is not the first time the Catholic community has been unable to attend Mass and, whilst this is a deeply saddening situation, the Catholic Church has given us tools of prayer for us to continue to walk with Christ in our isolation. 

Faith in Isolation is a platform which aims to bring unite us together through the creation of content from not only our team, but other incredible organisations too.

The Lent in Isolation Video Series aims to deliver spiritual nourishment to all of those in isolation at this time. Starting on Thursday, 19th March, you will be able to access recordings of the daily readings, Gospel reflections from our priests, and be led prayerfully through an act of Spiritual Communion. 

We are relational beings, made for community. Our hope for this initiative is that despite physical distancing from each other, we may continue to share in the beautiful, intricate and powerful tradition of the Church together, in a unique way.  

Peter's House

Peter's House is a Catholic creative project studio based in London which aims to support the mission of the Catholic Church through project management and content development.

Last year, we worked alongside The Oratories of England to direct the canonisation of St John Henry Newman, producing a full media campaign and managing multiple events in Rome including the canonisation Mass. We have recently worked alongside The Catholic National Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham, under whom we developed and directed the Behold 2020 campaign for The Rededication of England as Mary's Dowry. As a creative studio, we produce parish websites, printed publications, and videos.

We have watched the unfolding crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic and prayed for our friends, family, and all those affected. When we began to see the impact this was having on Catholic communities globally we decided to create this platform so that those around the world could be reminded that Christ is with them in this time. We planned, constructed, and launched the project in four days. Peter's House was not commissioned for this project and the project is entirely self-funded. Friends from organisations throughout the UK and beyond have shown their support of our mission and have partnered with us to produce content and send the message out across the world.

As a team, we are praying for you and we ask that you offer a prayer for us, too.