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The threats posed locally, nationally and internationally by the COVID-19 Coronavirus are creating isolation, fear, and uncertainty. Inspired by Pope Francis’ call for people “who think of a thousand ways to be with the people so that the people don’t feel alone”, Catholic Voices wants to create 'digital common ground’ where isolation does not mean loneliness, where fear does not mean hate and where uncertainty does not mean despair. Through a series of weekly webinars, we want to share inspiring spiritual and practical wisdom, stories to lift the soul and answer the burning questions on peoples hearts and minds. Above all, these webinars are a small way to remind us that we are connected in these days of crisis.

Who is CV?

Founded in the run-up to the UK Papal visit of 2010, Catholic Voices (CV) is a communications project that trains and supports speakers who put the Church’s case on news programs and in public settings. CV is a lay-run, communications project that trains and offers speakers for TV and radio interviews, as well as for talks and training in parishes, schools and universities. CV does not speak officially for the bishops but has their blessing and is seen as close to them. Spreading across the world since it was first created in the UK in 2010, Catholic Voices has won the admiration of bishops and broadcasters alike. It is increasingly recognized by the media in various countries as the authoritative source of commentary and opinion, representing a mainstream, faithful Catholic view. In media interviews, training, workshops, talks, articles, books, briefings and podcasts, CV has been helping Catholics to communicate the Church’s story — especially its positions on hot-button issues.

The Webinars

To take part, visit the link below, view the timetable, and book your place!