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DRUK Webinars

The coronavirus crisis is a disorienting and overwhelming time for parishes. Normal parish life is suspended, and we are invited to think differently about how we meet as community, receive spiritual sustenance, communicate and go on mission. Over the next few months, Divine Renovation UK will be in conversation with parishes around the UK to find out how they’re doing it. These take place on Zoom and involve a conversation with an invited speaker, followed by an opportunity for Q&A.

What is Divine Renovation?

Divine Renovation is a global ministry organisation founded and headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We seek to inspire and equip parishes to be missional and through them bring people to Jesus Christ with the goal of 35,000 parishes making 2,000,000 disciples per year by 2028. What sets Divine Renovation apart from other organisations is that it was born purely from experience and demand. Saint Benedict Parish became a missional parish through the process that would become the book, Divine Renovation. Following the book, parishes across the world asked for help and that help grew into four books, retreats and speaking engagements, a video resource network, leadership coaching, and conferences. Divine Renovation UK is a UK charity that is engaged with roughly 175 parishes in the UK using Divine Renovation principles. 32 parishes are in our Divine Renovation Network, of which 12 receive leadership coaching.