Lent Video Series

Daily scripture

Divine Scripture is the living Word of God that speaks to us today. It strengthens our faith, acts as food for the soul, and serves as a lasting fount of spiritual life (CCC 131).

Priestly guidance

Priests are ordained to preach the Gospel and to provide spiritual nourishment through Scriptural interpretation and education of the faith.

Spiritual communion

Through spiritual communion we unite ourselves to God through an act of prayer, expressing an ardent desire for union with Him.


Each day of Lent, starting on Thursday, 19th March, we will deliver a video which shares the Word of God from the daily Mass readings, spiritual guidance from our priests, and lead an act of spiritual communion. 
We aim to release each video by 9am (BST). We look forward to praying with you then.

Easter Sunday

12th April, 2020

The Easter Vigil

11th April, 2020

The Stations of The Cross

Good Friday

Good Friday

10th April, 2020

Maundy Thursday

9th April, 2020

Wednesday of Holy Week

8th April, 2020

Tuesday of Holy Week

7th April, 2020

Monday of Holy Week

6th April, 2020

Palm Sunday

5th April, 2020

Fifth Saturday of Lent

4th April, 2020

Fifth Friday of Lent

3rd April, 2020

Fifth Thursday of Lent

2nd April, 2020

Fifth Wednesday of Lent

1st April, 2020

Fifth Tuesday of Lent

31st March, 2020

Fifth Monday of Lent

30th March, 2020

Fifth Sunday of Lent

29th March, 2020

Fourth Saturday of Lent

28th March, 2020

Fourth Friday of Lent

27th March, 2020

Fourth Thursday of Lent

26th March, 2020

The Annunciation

25th March, 2020

Fourth Tuesday of Lent

24th March, 2020

Fourth Monday of Lent

22nd March, 2020

Fourth Sunday of Lent

22nd March, 2020

Third Saturday of Lent

21st March, 2020

Third Friday of Lent

20th March, 2020

Solemnity of St Joseph

19th March, 2020


18th March, 2020